Are you looking for a job that pays very well, has a fantastic environment, and sells fantastic shaved ice?

Plus, you work only 1 day a week!

Who are we looking for?

Kahau Kones (pronounced ka-how) is looking for positive people with a great work attitude who love dealing with kids (there's lots of kids to deal with on this job!) This job requires someone who can stand for long periods of time, able to keep a flow of people moving, and is trustworthy. This position can easily be added onto an existing job, as it's only one day a week, or, it could be your only job if you want.

What is the job?

As a contractor for Kahau Kones, you'll go to a specific youth sports league field, usually a park, and sell shaved ice. 

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Kahau Kones sells joy through delicious shaved ice.