This shaved ice is pretty LIT, if we say so ourselves. The "Glow Cone", as we call it, manipulates Vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is no magic trick, and it's found in almost every food we eat. 

Kahau Kones offers 8 awesome flavors for Glow Cones:

  • Blazin Blue Hawaiian

  • Glittering Green Raspberry

  • Glowing Green Apple

  • Intense Ice Cream

  • Lit Pink Lemonade

  • Radiant Red Rancher

  • Splendid Orange Spike

  • Twinkling Tiger Blood

This is no magic trick. The cup isn't glowing on its own, and there's no additional light in the shaved ice making it glow. With a black light, your Kahau Kones Glow Cone will glow!

Order your Glow Cone Party Pack below! Of course, it's just like our traditional completely disposable Party Packs, which includes 25 cups, 25 spoons, and lots and lots of ice for your whole party!


If you need any help, please email us, we'd love to hear your questions, comments, or concerns!

Experience the magic of fluorescent shaved ice today.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By checking the "I agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned above" box on the form, you agree that when you receive your Kahau Kones Glow Cone Party Pack, you will inspect the components for completeness and cleanliness. By completing the form, you agree to not hold Kahau Kones, LLC liable for my Kahau Kones Party Pack for any and all resulting injuries and illnesses, including but not limited to, brain freezes, headaches, allergic reactions, skin irritations, purple tongues and more from the Kahau Kones Party Pack. You understand that there are no refunds for the Kahau Kones Party Pack. In addition, you agree to hold harmless Kahau Kones, LLC in the event of any lawsuit or trial by jury, and that you agree to have read all of the statements above. You agree that upon completing your inspection of the Kahau Kones Party Pack, you gain full ownership of the Kahau Kones Party Pack and hereby discharge Kahau Kones, LLC of any outcome as a result of any component of the Kahau Kones Party Pack. 


What does each Glow Cone flavor taste like?

Blazin Blue Hawaiian- the easiest way to excite your taste buds? Try this flavor! With an enjoyable flavor comparable to pina colada, you'll definitely love Blazin Blue Hawaiian!


Glittering Green Raspberry- try Blue Raspberry in a whole new color - Glittering Green Raspberry packs a punch with a sweet taste similar to a Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher!

Glowing Green Apple- glows bright and tastes like the real deal!

Lit Pink Lemonade- while it tastes like traditional lemonade, our Glow Cone Pink Lemonade will keep you coming back for more!

Radiant Red Rancher- this flavor will definitely be your favorite. This refreshing flavor tastes like cherry!

Brilliant Orange Blast- a rush of citrus joy awaits you with this flavor!

Twinkling Tiger Blood- like a tiger ready to pounce, this will excite you with a whirl of citrus fruit!

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