Kahau Kones Party Pack

Kids love it because it's great shaved ice!

Parents love it because everything's disposable!

The Kahau Kones Party Pack is the perfect addition to your next party or any other event you may have!


Guaranteed to have at least 25 cups worth of shaved ice, the Party Pack usually offers around 35-45 servings depending on the amount put in. That's enough for seconds!

Included in the Kahau Kones Party Pack is:

  • At least enough shaved ice for 25 servings

  • 25 cups

  • 25 spoons

  • 1 scoop

  • 4 flavors, check them out below!

In addition, you can add 25 leis to make your next event even more Hawaiian!

Simply fill out the form below to order. When it's time for your event, a Kahau Kones employee will call you to let you know when they'll arrive!


If you have any questions, please use the contact form.

Do you have a question about Party Packs?

What flavors does a Party Pack include?

Blue Raspberry- similar to a Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher

Cherry- maraschino cherries

Green Apple- sweet and tart green apple taste

Orange Blast- tangy orange taste

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By checking the "I agree to the Terms and Conditions mentioned above" box on the form, you agree that when you receive your Kahau Kones Party Pack, you will inspect the components for completeness and cleanliness. By completing the form, you agree to not hold Kahau Kones, LLC liable for my Kahau Kones Party Pack for any and all resulting injuries and illnesses, including but not limited to, brain freezes, headaches, allergic reactions, skin irritations, colorful tongues, and more from the Kahau Kones Party Pack. You understand that there are no refunds for the Kahau Kones Party Pack. In addition, you agree to hold harmless Kahau Kones, LLC in the event of any lawsuit or trial by jury, and that you agree to have read all of the statements above. You agree that upon completing your inspection of the Kahau Kones Party Pack, you gain full ownership of the Kahau Kones Party Pack and hereby discharge Kahau Kones, LLC of any outcome as a result of any and all components of the Kahau Kones Party Pack. 

Hear what some of our customers say about their Party Pack experience:

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