Kahau Kones is going to make the biggest shaved ice ever!

January 25, 2020

Scottsdale Pavilions

3426 lb

current record

5000 lb

target weight


Ticketing policy for Kahau Kones World Record Attempt

(read the full policy below in the Questions and Answers section)

Kahau Kones is giving away tickets for the World Record Attempt on Facebook and Eventbrite.

A ticket guarantees that you'll receive shaved ice.

A ticket is not required to attend the event.

There are a limited amount of tickets available.

Click here to get tickets!

January 25, 2020

Shaved ice will be distributed approx at 10 am

Scottsdale Pavilions

(near Octane Raceway)

Kahau Kones World Record Attempt FAQ's

What are we doing?

Kahau Kones is trying to break the Guinness World Record for the largest shaved ice!

What will hold the shaved ice?

A cup. A super big cup! This cup will hold the entirety of the Kahau Kones World Record Attempt shaved ice.

What else is going on while we're waiting for shaved ice from the biggest shaved ice ever created?

There's a lot of shops in the Pavilions. Kahau Kones is working to see if we can put on our own side functions, but at the moment we don't have anything else planned besides the World Record Attempt. Still, it'll be very cool to watch the record be broken. We'll shoot off lots of confetti cannons when the weight of the shaved ice reaches 3427 pounds!

Date and time of the Kahau Kones World Record Attempt?

It'll all go down on January 25, 2020 in the Pavilions. Confetti cannons will be shot off around 9am (when we break the standing record!) and we'll pass out shaved ice around 10am (when we're done).

Can we eat the shaved ice?


Is Kahau Kones on social media?

Yes! @kahaukones Facebook: @kahaukones click here Instagram @kahaukones click here

Will there be a judge from Guinness World Records onsite during the attempt?

It's not confirmed yet. We're working on getting a judge onsite but at the moment there will not be one.

Ticketing policy?

Kahau Kones is using a combination of Facebook and Eventbrite to give tickets away for the Kahau Kones World Record Attempt. Tickets are free and guarantee that you'll receive shaved ice on the day of the attempt. A ticket is not required to attend the event, but having a ticket guarantees that you will receive shaved ice. You can get them on our Facebook page (click here), or our Eventbrite page (click here). A Facebook login is not required to get tickets. A limited number of tickets are available.

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